Canvass: Sell, Train and Retain

Creating a better customer experience, solving customer problems and helping sales reps succeed.

Key Benefits

Sell better.

Canvass acts as a communication platform allowing sales reps to talk to existing customers, reactivate old customers and seek referrals so they can focus on selling to the right customers.

Manage your team.

No more guessing. Canvass eliminates the guess work by allowing managers to track customers, manage teams and make educated decisions that drive results based on real, actionable data to drive production when it matters most.

Train in real-time.

No more sitting in a classroom to learn. Canvass provides quick, one-minute videos from managers and seasoned sales professionals that allows reps to learn, reset and get back to work without getting out of their sales cycle.

The only sales enablement suite with SmartTraining

Canvass uses real-time data to improve sales rep performance. It identifies trends and offers training to improve productivity in the field

Case Studies

From problem to solution
see the results

Canvass helped me discover that one single word was derailing my sales success. Once I figured it out, I used Canvass to record my own video and train other sales reps. That knowledge has now benefitted countless others and helped them avoid the same mistake I was making.

Ashton Buswell, Regional Manager, LGCY Power


  • Home Security
  • Religion
  • Solar
  • Real Estate
  • Pest Control
  • Roofing
  • Political Canvass

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