How to Generate Sales When You Can’t Knock Doors

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Some of you are on lockdown from working amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of you are not. Whatever the case, many D2D sales reps are getting creative about how to continue to generate an income while staying within CDC guidelines.

If you are D2D rep in California, this has affected you particularly with the CA ‘Stay at Home’ Directive.

How Can I Sell If I Can’t Knock Doors?

Here’s how.

  1. Setup a digital networking lunch using a tool like Zoom.
  2. Find a happy customer of yours and invite them, specifically one who is a small business owner.
  3. Ask them to bring someone else to the digital networking lunch. (Now you have three).
  4. Invite 2-3 others to the Zoom lunch. Now you have six. Cap it.

Spend the next 60-90 minutes networking and discussing how you can help each other. This isn’t about you, but it will help you. Have a plan and structure and make sure that the people you invite know what that purpose is: it’s to help. That’s your goal. Dollars follow value.

Suggested Networking Outline

Each Zoom Attendee Gets a Turn

Personal Intro (Two Minutes)

Tell an intriguing personal story. Make it something memorable about you.

Example: I love to make ice cream. It’s not like what most people would think. I own an ice cream machine I imported from Italy and made 40 pints of custom flavors for the Super Bowl.

Example: I can do the Hakka war dance (then show them).

Business Intro (Two Minutes)

Talk about your business and what it is you do, what makes you unique and what your value proposition is.

Example: We offer software tools for distributed sales teams, specifically for those that offer in-home sales consultations such as solar, home security, roofing, pest control, etc… Canvass app allow sales reps to find new prospects by name, and they can use our tools to get credit score estimates, find high crime neighborhoods, locate homes hit by storms, see the square footage of a home and more, all before you even talk to a customer.

Our Coach app provides sales training via cell phone videos and allows reps to share best practices across your sales organization.

Our Compete platform is a sales competition platform that has helped one business have their best year and month and drove 53 sales reps to have their best week ever. (We will show the group)

Describe What You Have to Offer to the Network (Four Minutes)

This is where you talk about specific people you know or industries that might be helpful to the other people in the group. Describe them in detail so the networking lunch gets an idea of where you can help them most.

Example: I have a friend named Lex who is the ultimate networker. He is very open to me creating connections if I need it. He knows people in every industry, and he and I have a very good relationship. (Repeat this with two other people you know).

What Do Your Optimal Customers Look Like? (Four Minutes)

This is where you should be clear with everyone. Tell them what your optimal customer looks like and why. Just tell them three, so they are easy to remember and then give them examples of a good customer like Sunrun or Titan.

Example: We really love to work with solar companies and roofing companies. Our third group is people who manage software sales teams. As an example …

Do it. Don’t wait. Don’t just do it once. If you find value in this, we’ll be hosting a webinar on How to Generate Sales When You Can’t Knock Doors.

Photo by Dylan Gillis from Unsplash.



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